The AI-enhanced call experience

CLINQ provides you with AI-enhanced telephony that automatically completes important tasks during calls, minimizing your wrap-up time.

Put words into action

With our “Action Cards”, you no longer have to wait for your calls to be processed. Everything happens automatically.

Create events

If a date is mentioned during a call, you will see an Action Card in the interface and with which you can decide whether CLINQ should create an event in your Google Calendar. If you already have an appointment at that time, you will be offered an alternative.

Show locations

If a location is mentioned during a call, you will see the position in Google Maps in the CLINQ interface. The Action Card also shows you the distance and the travel time to the location.

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Note important things

The software understands various keywords and makes notes of them. For example, if you mention in a meeting that you should bring a notebook to the meeting, a note is created and will be displayed later in the call summary.

Simplify your conversations
with call transcriptions

CLINQ transcribes your calls and uses your predefined
buzzwords to automate your wrap-up tasks.

Sarah Jackson

Real Estate Employee

1:21 min.

Dialogflow Voice-Bot: First Contact

Dialogflow Voice-Bot: First Contact

Since the last pivot, i.e. a fundamental strategic change of the product, we have been concentrating on reducing the pre- and post-processing time of sales calls to zero using Artificial Intelligence.


Summarizing conversations made simple

In the fields of Sales, Service and Marketing, personal conversation with customers is crucial. The big question is: How can you manage to keep track of all the important information during a phone call without being so distracted by it that you miss important things. Good news! We have an idea for you!

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