Generating music with the Artificial Intelligence AIVA

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AIVA is her name, and she’s been composing music since 2016. She’s emotional. She’s precise. But she’s not human – she’s Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

AIVA released her first album, made in collaboration with humans, in 2016. Her creators were able to teach AIVA to create music with deep learning and by feeding her collections upon collections of music from different genres. Her creators continue to teach her different types of music by regularly introducing new genres to her. This has allowed her to compose pieces from classical to rock to Tango.

Composing with AIVA

It may sound a bit strange to have something totally inhuman create something like music, which is so fundamentally human. However, the creators aren’t looking to eliminate or replace human composers at all. Instead, they’re looking to expand the musical art world and aim to have Aiva support composers in their work. The mission over at AIVA is: “to empower individuals by creating personalised soundtracks with AI”. 

One particularly cool thing about AIVA is that she is readily available to anyone and everyone for free. For extras such as more downloads per month, commercial licenses, and copyright ownership you can opt for the standard or pro options for 19€ and 59€ per month respectively. As a user of AIVA you can even continue to help her learn. By uploading musical influences, you can help her create music in the genre and style you want. What’s more, is that AIVA will even compose pieces that evoke similar emotions to the influences she’s been provided.


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