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Who we are

This blog is composed by the team members of CLINQ. We are a cross-functional team based in Düsseldorf, Germany and consist of Developers, UX Designers, Marketing Experts, Account Managers, Produkt Owners, a Scrum Master and a Product Lead.

What happened so far

During the past year we have developed our CLINQ service. CLINQ has become a Business Telephony Product which doesn’t require phones. It enables you to integrate your CRM software, provides channels for collaborative work (comparable to Slack), voicemails, phone numbers and call statistics. And now we are wondering about …

What do we want to do next

Currently we are experimenting with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our service. We believe it will make phone calls much more efficient, comfortable and effective. AI is by no means new and chatbots are all over the place. But can you name one service that renders AI to an out of the box business telephony solution? Well you’ve got us! Our development efforts are driven by the question: “How can we make frequent phone users more productive by using AI?”

What will happen in this blog

We would like to keep you in the loop on this subject and varying team members will report and give reviews about our experiences, fails and learnings. We want to provide some insights of the nitty gritty details of our development process and of our soon-to-come-product and publish interviews with inspiring people. 
We have decided to “learn in public” because we value feedback from anyone that bumped into our blog and can relate to our content. We’d like to discuss in which direction the journey concerning Artificial Intelligence in general is heading and how we can contribute to it as a team.

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