VUI’s usability – Seven things to consider before testing

Preface Since the dawn of “Alexa”, “Siri”, and “Google Assistant”, Voice User Interfaces (VUI) are among the most relevant technological advances of the last...
Daniel Daniel
5 min read

Summarizing conversations made simple

In the fields of Sales, Service and Marketing, personal conversation with customers is crucial. The big question is: How can you manage to keep...
Sascha Sascha
3 min read

Augmented Conversation – an Introduction

We believe that person to person communication will not be replaced by person to AI communication in the near future.
Stefan Stefan
1 min read

Useful infos about AI, Machine Learning and NLP for…

Although Machine Learning, AI and Deep Learning are not new topics, I have only marginally dealt with them so far. That is changing right...
Sascha Sascha
1 min read

Generating music with the Artificial Intelligence AIVA

AIVA is her name, and she’s been composing music since 2016. She’s emotional. She’s precise. But she’s not human – she’s Artificial Intelligence.
Chrissi Chrissi
1 min read

DeepStack – the first AI beating professional poker players

DeepStack is the ultimate poker opponent. Charles University, the Czech Technical University, and the University of Alberta joined together to create an AI system...
Chrissi Chrissi
57 sec read

The Everyday Robot Project

Robots for our households, like Rosie from The Jetsons or C3PO from Star Wars, are still a thing of our dreams. But what if...
Chrissi Chrissi
1 min read

How to build your own self driving model car…

Artificial Intelligence – the theory and development of computer systems which can simulate and even improve human intelligence. AI is already being used today...
Chrissi Chrissi
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This blog is composed by the team members of CLINQ. We are a cross-functional team based in Düsseldorf, Germany and we consist of Developers,...
Sascha Sascha
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Dialogflow Voice-Bot: First Contact

Since the last pivot, i.e. a fundamental strategic change of the product, we have been concentrating on reducing the pre- and post-processing time of...
Pascal Pascal
4 min read